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Introducing the all new Slim Fit Racing Suits

Slim Fit Kart Suit

Slim fit kart & racing suits are most definitely here!

We have been redefining our slim offering over the last 6 weeks by tailoring a custom fit race suit that fits like a glove whilst giving you the movement you need in all the key areas. For those that like a snug fitting race suit, it gives you the opportunity to really showcase your designs in a clean crisp manor.

Slim fit racing suits are akin to those used by your modern day F1 drivers and are very much the trend on todays racing scene.

Be sure to speak to us at Custom Racewear and we will talk you through all your kart & race suit fitting options.

As we approach the start of the new racing season, we wanted to also take this opportunity to wish everyone well for the up-coming season. Stay safe, race hard & look sharp!

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