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What is a Nomex race suit?

Car racing suits. When you look at it from a manufacturing point of view, car racing suits are very much similar to a kart racing suit. But car racing suits are made of NOMEX instead of cordura for further protection and safety. Nomex saves drivers from 2nd degree burns. Straps are also compulsory on the shoulders of their suits to pull a driver out of the car in case of an accident. Within Europe car racing suits, are all manufactured according to the specifications of FIA, strictly following the standards of FIA 8856-2000. What is Nomex? Nomex is the most recommended fabric for the manufacturing of car racing suits. Nomex is inherently flame resistant. In fact, it actually carbonises and b

The importance of wearing the right race suit

Seems obvious doesn’t it? At the end of the day, it could save your life. But be careful not to overlook other reasons. Of course we have to adhere to certain rules and regulations that normally dictate the level of safety required from our racewear and rightly so. But what can a custom race suit offer you that a generic off the shelf suit can’t? Firstly, this suit is your shop window. If you’re competing at a high level, or even starting at the bottom and are working your way up, it’s key that you reflect a professional platform to show off to current and potential sponsors. What else can a custom racesuit offer you? What if we suggested more performance? Yes that’s right, more performance.

The evolution of Custom Racewear

As we all know, motorsport is a high octane, fast paced and an ever evolving sport! At Custom Racewear we know this and recognise it’s up to us, to keep up to speed with the latest sport developments not only on the track, but also off it. Whilst the on track action grabs the headlines, there is plenty to be getting excited about off track. By choosing Custom Racewear you can feel confident in knowing that you’re dealing with a company that are passionate about our products and sport. We bring fantastic quality to our customers for outstanding value. Please get in touch to find out more about how race suit design is evolving and how we can make you stand out against the competition.

MAD Designs & Custom Racewear

Custom Racewear are happy to announce our association with MAD Designs. We don’t need to say too much as the results speak for themselves. Please be sure to check out our Helmet page for their latest amazing helmet designs. Whether you need a new design concept made up or an existing design revamped for the new season, we recommend you speak to Mike Andrew at MAD Designs. Not only is Mike’s work second to none, but also he will work with your budget to create you a unique and fantastic design. MAD Designs work with everybody from club level racers to pro drivers all around the world. Feel free to contact Mike on Instagram or at and remember to reference us at Custom Racew


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