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To simplify the shopping experience as much as possible, you can now configure your racewear online using our configuration tools.  For best results, please use a desktop computer or a laptop.

X-PRO Kart Suit

Striking Designs.

Custom Racewear is the one-stop service for your customisable racewear.
 As competitive racers ourselves, we fully appreciate what is required to look and feel your best on and off the track.
At Custom Racewear we have gone to great lengths to ensure we are delivering the best there is to offer. We are as obsessive over detail and quality, as you will be with race preparation and setup. Nothing is overlooked.

Our business is established with a wide range of customisation 
options that will cater to any level of motorsport from amateur 
through to professional racing. 

Looking the part is one aspect, but comfort should not be overlooked.
At Custom Racewear we use the best light, breathable inner materials and
anti-rubbing seams to ensure maximum comfort. All our race suits are designed with maximum freedom of movement and ventilation in mind.  We offer a range of fits to suit all sizes. 
We have updated our bespoke race suit measurements, so it couldn't be easier to now get the perfect fit. Visit our measurement video page and follow our step-by-step guide to tailoring the right fit for you. 


Kart suits or fireproof suits for
car racing, each is made with the very best technical fabrics and to the highest safety standard.
All of our racing suits carry the appropriate FIA homologation. For more information click on our dedicated Kart Suit or
FIA Racewear pages.

X-PRO Race Suit

Suit arrived in great time! The fit is perfect and the quality is perfect! I'd definitely recommend them if you're looking for a new suit for the new season! - Stephen Howes

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