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The importance of wearing the right race suit

Seems obvious doesn’t it?

At the end of the day, it could save your life. But be careful not to overlook other reasons. Of course we have to adhere to certain rules and regulations that normally dictate the level of safety required from our racewear and rightly so.

But what can a custom race suit offer you that a generic off the shelf suit can’t? Firstly, this suit is your shop window. If you’re competing at a high level, or even starting at the bottom and are working your way up, it’s key that you reflect a professional platform to show off to current and potential sponsors.

What else can a custom racesuit offer you? What if we suggested more performance? Yes that’s right, more performance.

The importance of your racewear and the effect on your lap time should not be overlooked. We’ve all bought a piece of clothing that is not quite the right fit. And the result? We don’t wear it again.

But when you consider a custom fit, it eliminates such issues. By coming to Custom Racewear you can be confident in knowing that we will deliver you a fantastic product that is unique and tailored to fit your body.

No more worrying about tight spots on your race suit in the heat of the battle. You can be 100% focused on the moment & looking great. An added bonus! Get in touch with Custom Racewear and let us help you reach your full potential on track.

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