Superstretch DP is a new range of products with FIA 8856-2018 homologation. Made with the same base fabrics as the SUPERSTRETCH race suits but with coloured details made with our fire retardant vinyl. In this way we get a high performance suit, super elastic, very light at a lower price point than SUPERSTRETCH suits.

It combines light fabrics with ultra-flat seams to take full advantage of the elasticity of the garment. The material is so elastic that we have been able to remove the knitted fabric of the lumbar part of and this make it lighter. The construction of the fabric makes it totally attached to the body and at the same time allows total freedom of movement. Actions as common as getting in and out of the car have never been so comfortable.


SUPERSTRETCH offers 65 cm3 air / second breathability, thus maintaining comfort and temperature regulation, complying with all the safety standards of the FIA ​​8856-2018 regulation. Its 15cm of fabric stretches up to 18cm. This is a 20% stretch.


  • 100% Superstretch 

  • Printed custom logos

  • Ultra light weight - less than 1KG

  • Triple layer

  • Extra Soft

  • FIA 8856-2018 homologation

Superstretch DP
Details Printed Fireproof Race Suits